Who We Are

We are a local company with over 20 years experience building and maintaining computer networks for small business.

Technology is our passion. We believe in computers working for people; not people working for computers. We know that a properly implemented computer system is a powerful tool that will save money, save time, and empower people to do what they do best. That's what we do best.

Our clients are our inspiration. We love small business. After all, we are just like you; we have a vision. At ClearPath Digital, we believe that with our experience and know-how, we can simplify your computer systems, and help you clear the path to your vision.

Our networks are our commitment. We stand behind the systems we design. We believe your tools should perform to your expectations today and in the future. So, we build them to last, and we monitor them to ensure performance, and we maintain them in a proactive manner.

Your IT Department - On-Demand!

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What We Do

What We Do

We have a plan for your computer systems, designed to protect your data, save you money, and allow you to focus on what you do best. Here is that plan in a nutshell:

Protect: We will implement a data backup plan that fits your budget and requirements, protecting you from catastrophic data loss.

Secure: We will ensure that your systems are protected against viruses, malware and unwarranted access.

Connect: We will enable you and your staff to connect and collaborate from anywhere, making everyone more effective.

Optimize: We will tune your current systems to ensure you're getting as much value as possible.

Grow: We will help you navigate the way forward by identifying and implementing the right hardware, software and tools to fit your unique needs.

Manage: We will manage and monitor your systems for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Support: We will offer informed, honest and effective help when you need it to get you back on your path to success.

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