Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation of up to one hour for new clients. During this time, we will listen to your assessment, create a simple map of your current network, and take some notes. This information will help us develop reccomendations on how to achieve your goals. From there, we will provide proposals containing concrete pricing and timelines that will allow you to make simple decisions on how to proceed.


With a broad knowledge of the techological challenges small businesses face, we can offer advice and help you create a forward-looking strategy for growing your network, one step at a time. We can identify critical issues, and resolve them in a way that will serve you in the future.

Detailed Reporting

We believe strongly in creating value for your business while in your service, and leaving that value with you when we are finished. Our technicians carefully document all work performed while working with you, and you will see those notes on your invoice. Whenever possible, we try to educate staff on how to avoid problems, and resolve them on their own. It's part of what we do.

One Stop

We provide a full-service solution for our clients. Competitive pricng on a wide range of hardware, software and services means a smooth, one-stop experience. You get omplete system set-up and maintenance.

Support: Pricing

On- or Off-Site, Hourly

To Schedule: 778-832-1100

Item Price
Support $120
After-Hours, Pre-Scheduled $180
After-Hours, Same Day $225
Emergency (After Hours, Under 1 Hour Response) $250